Kegmaster kegerator 2 tap
Kegmaster kegerator 2 tap
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The Keg Master Series X Double Tap Stainless Kegerator is perfect for anyone looking to put beer on tap at home or at a café, restaurant, or bar. It includes Stainless Intertap taps, stainless steel font, and a MK4 CO2 Regulator. The only additional parts you will require are the gas cylinder and kegs.

This is the new Series X model. Improved Features compared to the Series 4:
- 10% More Energy Efficient
- 15% Faster Cooling
- 40% Thicker Side Walls
- 25% Larger Condenser
- 30% Larger Evaporator

Keg Master Series X Kegerator Specs (base unit):
- Dimensions: approx. 600mm wide x 850mm high x 560mm deep with no CO2 cylinder holder (800mm deep with cylinder holder). Standard castors 65mm.

We include ball lock connectors for corny kegs by default. You will need to purchase a D-Type coupler or similar if you intend to use larger, commercial kegs.

From: Kegland