Ss Brite Tank - Brewmaster Edition 76 litre
Ss Brite Tank - Brewmaster Edition 76 litre

Ss Brite Tank - Brewmaster Edition (BME). 

Some of the reasons brewers like to use brite tanks include: 
- cuts carbonation time down significantly (compared to corny kegs)
- allows for proper burst carb'ing and head pressure monitoring
- allows for bulk conditioning/aging 
- can serve from a counter top (with a chiller)
- ability to transfer beer from your fermenter from the bottom up (reduces oxidation risk)

The versatile Ss Brite Tank BME can be used both as a traditional brite tank and also as a serving vessel. It has fully welded TC connections, in addition to the chilling coil and neoprene jacket. The carb stone and 15 psi pressure rating of the brite tank make carbonation issues a thing of the past.

Summary of features:
- Dished bottom
- 8" diameter top tri-clamp port with chilling coil and neoprene jacket
- Tri-clamp carbonation stone
- Sanitary tri-clamp sampling port
- Sanitary tri-clamp pressure gauge
- Tri-Clamp thermowell
- Tri-Clamp pressure relief valve
- 15 PSI operating pressure
- Custom tooled butterfly valve
- Tri-Clamp sight glass with etched volume markings

Note: photos are from a mix of different sizes of Brite Tank.

From: Ss Brewtech