SS Chronical 155l Fermenter - Brewmaster Edition
SS Chronical 155l Fermenter - Brewmaster Edition

The Ss Chronical 1 Barrel / 155 Litre Brewmaster Edition fermenter. 

This fermenter has several features you should compare to competitive offerings including a domed lid with a 3" TC port on the top, a standard fitted FTSs chiller coil that installs inside the fermenter body (not the lid), custom tailored neoprene insulation jacket, a sampling valve, internal electrically etched volume markings, rotating racking arm (included), custom designed butterfly valves, a perforated stainless steel shelf on the bottom of the legs (for storage such as a blow off bucket), and with a beautiful polished finish. 

Summary of features:
- 155 Litres (41 Gallons / 1 BBL) / 9 Litre headspace in lid
- Certified food grade 304 Stainless Steel
- Custom Ss squeeze trigger butterfly valves
- 3" TC port on lid for dry hopping/CIP
- Includes 3" TC clamp, gasket, 3" TC cap
- 3" cap on lid includes: hole for airlock / blow off
- Optional Stainless Steel blow-off cane
- Optional 3" TC CIP attachment
- Standard sampling valve included
- 304 Ss chiller coil with weldless mounts
Chiller coil is included
Neoprene insulation jacket included
- Allows you to retain domed lid for transfers
- 1.5" TC flanges on racking / dump ports
- Rotatable TC racking arm included
- Comes with weldless thermowell
- Includes LCD temp guage 
- Sanitary welds and polish finish
- Brewer's grade silicone gaskets
- Electrically etched (not painted) volume markings
- Volume markings in both gallons / litres
- Built-in slotted stainless shelf (bottom of legs) for storage, blow-off vessel, etc
- Threaded inserts on leg bottoms (3/8")

Note: Does not include Fts controller (will be listed soon) water pump, power supply, tubing. Only includes a neoprene insulating jacket and chiller coil.

The manufacturer recommends using Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) (sold separately) for initial cleaning to remove oils, grease and any manufacturing residue.

From: Ss Brewing Technologies, USA
Product dimensions (feet to top lid): 122cm H x 56cm W